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A certain level of skill is required to assemble these model airplanes. In this kit, few parts have to be assembled and you are ready for your first flight in a short time.

The Thrill of Flying

You may spend anywhere between 15 to 25 hours building your plane from scratch. But, with the RTF models, you will be able to take to the skies in a very short time and perform all the daring maneuvers. Top Searches on. Share this article :.

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Model Toys. Model Airplane News Magazine. Electric RC Airplanes. The open cockpit experience was amazing; I strongly recommend it. One of the most exciting, fun and thrilling experiences I have ever had or YOU will ever have! Terrific pilot, no stress as much or as little aerobatics as you want - in the air it's all about whatever is fun for you.

This aircraft is immaculate and has a beautiful modified leather and wood interior. Very interesting mechanically; a true expertly-restored and modified antique. This was my second visit to SkyThrills, the first time I flew in the Extra L and performed aerobatics. Slowly, she revealed her secrets to us as we earned her trust. One moonless night, while flying a routine training mission over the Pacific, I wondered what the sky would look like from 84, feet if the cockpit lighting were dark.

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While heading home on a straight course, I slowly turned down all of the lighting, reducing the glare and revealing the night sky. Within seconds, I turned the lights back up, fearful that the jet would know and somehow punish me. But my desire to see the sky overruled my caution, I dimmed the lighting again. To my amazement, I saw a bright light outside my window. As my eyes adjusted to the view, I realized that the brilliance was the broad expanse of the Milky Way, now a gleaming stripe across the sky.

Where dark spaces in the sky had usually existed, there were now dense clusters of sparkling stars Shooting stars flashed across the canvas every few seconds. It was like a fireworks display with no sound. I knew I had to get my eyes back on the instruments, and reluctantly I brought my attention back inside. To my surprise, with the cockpit lighting still off, I could see every gauge, lit by starlight.

In the plane's mirrors, I could see the eerie shine of my gold spacesuit incandescently illuminated in a celestial glow. I stole one last glance out the window. Despite our speed, we seemed still before the heavens, humbled in the radiance of a much greater power. For those few moments, I felt a part of something far more significant than anything we were doing in the plane. The sharp sound of Walt's voice on the radio brought me back to the tasks at hand as I prepared for our descent.

The SR was an expensive aircraft to operate. The most significant cost was tanker support, and in , confronted with budget cutbacks, the Air Force retired the SR The Blackbird had outrun nearly 4, missiles, not once taking a scratch from enemy fire. On her final flight, the Blackbird, destined for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum , sped from Los Angeles to Washington in 64 minutes, averaging 2, mph and setting four speed records.

The SR served six presidents, protecting America for a quarter of a century. On a weekly basis, the SR kept watch over every Soviet nuclear submarine and mobile missile site, and all of their troop movements. It was a key factor in winning the Cold War. I am proud to say I flew about hours in this aircraft. I knew her well. She gave way to no plane, proudly dragging her sonic boom through enemy backyards with great impunity. She defeated every missile, outran every MiG, and always brought us home.

In the first years of manned flight, no aircraft was more remarkable. Approaching the Libyan Coast With the Libyan coast fast approaching now, Walt asks me for the third time, if I think the jet will get to the speed and altitude we want in time. I tell him yes. I know he is concerned. He is dealing with the data; that's what engineers do, and I am glad he is. But I have my hands on the stick and throttles and can feel the heart of a thoroughbred, running now with the power and perfection she was designed to possess. I also talk to her. Like the combat veteran she is, the jet senses the target area and seems to prepare herself.

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For the first time in two days, the inlet door closes flush and all vibration is gone. We've become so used to the constant buzzing that the jet sounds quiet now in comparison. The Mach correspondingly increases slightly and the jet is flying in that confidently smooth and steady style we have so often seen at these speeds.

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  • We reach our target altitude and speed, with five miles to spare. Entering the target area, in response to the jet's new-found vitality, Walt says, 'That's amazing' and with my left hand pushing two throttles farther forward, I think to myself that there is much they don't teach in engineering school.


    Out my left window, Libya looks like one huge sandbox. A featureless brown terrain stretches all the way to the horizon. There is no sign of any activity. Then Walt tells me that he is getting lots of electronic signals, and they are not the friendly kind. The jet is performing perfectly now, flying better than she has in weeks. She seems to know where she is.

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    She likes the high Mach, as we penetrate deeper into Libyan airspace. Leaving the footprint of our sonic boom across Benghazi , I sit motionless, with stilled hands on throttles and the pitch control, my eyes glued to the gauges. Only the Mach indicator is moving, steadily increasing in hundredths, in a rhythmic consistency similar to the long distance runner who has caught his second wind and picked up the pace. The jet was made for this kind of performance and she wasn't about to let an errant inlet door make her miss the show.

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    With the power of forty locomotives, we puncture the quiet African sky and continue farther south across a bleak landscape. He is receiving missile tracking signals. With each mile we traverse, every two seconds, I become more uncomfortable driving deeper into this barren and hostile land. I am glad the DEF panel is not in the front seat. It would be a big distraction now, seeing the lights flashing.